Abruzzo Region - Maritime Works and Marine Water Service


A region as 'container' with landscapes and emotions that alternate within a few kilometers.
From the shores of the Adriatic to the highest mountains of the Apennines in less than an hour: it is possible only in Abruzzo. In Abruzzo arts and craft go hand in hand with a sincere and friendly welcoming, lavishly decked tables with many simple, appetizing specialties.

Abruzzo sea: 133 kms of coastline where lively and festive pebbled beaches and solitary shores where basking in the sun stretch sided by cool forests of pine trees. In the North there is the Adriatic soul, in the South cliffs and capes dominate the wilder and 'immediate' character the Mediterranean. 

Parks and monutains of the Greenest Region of Europe: this part of the Abruzzo territory is unique and rare thanks to its precious history,  and rich artistic, archaeological and environmental features. Abruzzo makes the ideal setting for leisure and to retrieve the psychological well-being, enjoying a "full" of energy and good humor injection.
The awesome nature is maintained by a continuity of parks, natural reserves, oases. With more than 33% of protected land, Abruzzo is named ‘The Green Region of Europe'.
During winter the facilities offered in the main Apennines with hundreds of miles of trails for all tastes, accommodate a great deal of tourists: modern facilities and a diverse choice suit all budgets.


Service Maritime Works and Marine Water is part of Abruzzo Region Department for Public Works. It works on: Coast Protection, Ports, Qality water monitoring.
The Service has a territorial Coastal Information System, realized through eight SW e HW positions.
In 2001, the Regional Unit defined the map of the geomorphologic vulnerability, and realized feasibility studies about most vulnerable areas.
The Unit realizes every year a report on water sea quality, based on chemical, physical, bacteriological and ecological data, measured on eight transept periodically, as sample of the regional costal water. The Service is responsible for the water quality and the sea pollution monitoring and planning of actions.
The Service has the competences and know how useful to the project, thanks to the European projects realized during the last years.
On ICZM, Abruzzo Region - (SERV.OOMM) was partner of several international projects with Cross Border Countries. 
 LIFE EU Program:
1997-2000 - R.I.C.A.MA - Rationale for Integrated Coastal Area Management aimed to set up and introduce new methodological and organisational tools to solve the erosion problems of coastal zone of Abruzzo Region.
2002 - Project SICORA - Support information for the management of the coastal zone of the Abruzzo Region - Activity applied research to support the planning of regional planning in coastal defense from erosion.
2004-2007 - E.T.I.C.A. – EMAS for Tourism in Internal and Coastal Areas was finalized to support Coastal Municipalities in obtaining EMAS Registration to guarantee an integrated and efficient management of costal areas respecting environmental quality.
2004-2006 -Interreg IIIA REQUISITE - REQUISITE has been designed to integrate sea water monitoring with the study of eutrophication and mucilaginous phenomena setting up a network with the project partners for sharing information collected by monitoring systems; to issue information and forecasts on the sea quality conditions at various scales in the Central-Northern Adriatic Sea; to develop useful methods for the quantitative analysis of eutrophication and mucilaginous processes; to supplement the information gathered on site with the predictive models and remote sensing output.

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