Adriatic Atlas

The Adriatic Sea represents an important marine area for the whole European community, both from the touristic/cultural and the maritime tradition point of view. It stands for several interests and economic and social interactions exercised by the neighbouring Regions and Countries and that are more intense and effective than ever. The Adriatic is also a basin where there are multiple pressures linked to the exploitation of natural resources and to anthropic activities, and those must be addressed and resolved through a synergic approach among all the countries. For this reason it is necessary to deepen and strengthen the knowledge about the sea basin, starting from a complete and demanding gathering of data like the one that has been begun within SHAPE project.

The Adriatic Atlas was designed as a tool for storing, visualizing and managing all those data which are necessary in order to implement the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) policies: it represents a first support to the decision-making process, in which all the information have been harmonized at the basin level . This tool was also designed in order to allow the exposure of data at a local scale (i.e. regional scale) for all the project partners.

The Atlas includes not only territorial data stricto sensu, but also the legislative and planning framework of the Adriatic marine and coastal area. By querying the map, a dialogue window opens up showing the list of legislation and/or plans of that location.

The Atlas represents a starting point for future European projects that will be able to benefit of the wide range of data which are elaborated in the Atlas, thus facilitating spatial analysis of all kinds.

In fact, services for data distribution are guaranteed in line with OGC standard, i.e. the Web Map Service (WMS) and the Web Feature Service (WFS). A Creative Commons (CC) license is applied to the data, a public copyright license that enables the free distribution of a work copyrighted otherwise. In particular, the types of licenses applied are CC-BY-4 (attribution), CC-BY-SA (share alike) or CC-BY-NC, which rule the use of the tool with the requirement to cite the attribution of the original data, the author and the share-alike, and/or the limitation to non-commercial use.

For specific information layers conditioned by owners, SHAPE project foresees only the map exposure. According to the requirements of Community legislation concerning Infrastructures for Spatial Information (INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC) all data are linked to metadata, in line with EN ISO 19115 provisions.

SHAPE project has therefore laid the foundations for the development of a common platform to support the decision-makers operating in the Adriatic area. Our hope is that the Adriatic Atlas could broaden to the Ionic area in the near future and become a reference frame for the actions concerning the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR).

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