Istria Institute for Physical Planning Region


Institute for Physical Planning Region of Istria is the central regional Institute dealing with Regional Development Plan. The Institute was established by Decesion on the constitution of the Institute on 19 February 2008, basis of article 29, paragraph 2 of the Physical Planning and Building Act (OG, 76/07, 38/09) and article 36 of the Statute of the Istrian Region (Istrian Region "Official Paper", nr. 9/06 – second consolidated text and 14/06).
The scope of activities according to Decision on the constitution of Institute are: elaborates and monitors the implementation of the Regional plan and plans for areas of particular significance, elaborates four-year reports aimed at improving regional planning situation in the area of the Region, evaluates the coordination of Regional plans of municipalities with the Plans of the Region, files for the documentation related to space for the Region, data collection and processing, elaborates special sector reports and analyses for the needs of the Regional Government, performs professional counseling for the needs of the executive entities of towns and municipalities, secures necessary professional support and delivery of information for the needs of work of state administration in the Region in the domain of regional planning, preparation of expert documents for nature protection.
Institute have 7 employees (director of Institute, manager of the department for personnel actions, profesional adviser for natural systems, profesional adviser for physical planning, profesional adviser for infrastructure planning, profesional colaborator for trafic planning and administrative official)

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