Montenegro Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management


The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone (PECZM) of Montenegro was established in 1992 with the aim to manage the coastal zone in order to provide the protection of the area and to ensure its proper arrangement and sustainable development. In accordance with the Coastal Zone Law, the coastal zone consists of the coastal strip, ports, breakwaters, dry docks, embankments, sandbanks, beaches, rocks, coastal lakes, ridges, lost river, springs and fountainheads on the coast, mouths of the rivers flowing into the sea, canals linked to the sea, sea water and territorial sea, living and non-living resources in them, as well as living and non-living resources of the epicontinental belt. The coastal zone extends over an area of the se of around 2.500 km² and an area on land of 60 km², making 18% of the total territory of Montenegro.

Public Enterprise is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, and it is the focal institution in Montenegro, for cooperation with UNEP/MAP/PAP/RAC. Total number of employees is 41. Head office is in Budva with filed offices in Ulcinj and Herceg Novi. Public Enterprise is organized in the following departments: Legal department, Finanacial department, Department for renting of the Coastal Zone, Sustainable development department, Department for control and Department for building and maintanance of coastal zone.

Main activities of the Public enterprise are: renting of the beaches and locations for seasonal tourist and service objects during the summer season, building and maintenance of the coastal infrastructure such as sea walls, ports, docks, and other public areas, management of the local ports, monitoring of the bathing water quality on beaches, international cooperation and participation in international projects, promotion of environmental protection, participation and cooperation with local municipalities and national agencies in management of protected areas and other environmental issues.

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