Puglia Region - Mediterranean Department


The Mediterranean Department of Puglia Region is the part of Regional Administration in charge of planned, programming, projecting and managing the international and European territorial cooperation of Puglia Region. The Mediterranean Department is composed by one head office and five additional offices, employing about 50 public officers and one technical staff structure composed by experts, selected through out open public lists. The annual budget amounts to 116.027.862,47 Euros.

Mediterranean Service has been involved in 203 Interreg projects, acting as PP or LP. Since 1994,it has been the Managing Authority of Interreg III Italy–Albania Programme as well as National Execution Body of ‘Interreg IIIA Greece–Italy’ programme. In the program ‘Italy–Albania 2000-2006’,it has carried out 80 projects amounting to 72,8 Mio € of resources. In ‘Greece–Italy 00-06’ programme, it has carried out 81 projects amounting to a total of 63, 8 Mio €. Mediterranean service has also carried out several projects within Interreg IIIA trans-border Adriatic programme(27), Interreg IIIB CADSES Program(8) and Interreg IIIB ArchiMed Programme(6).With the funds of the Regional Law n 20/03–Partnership for Cooperation, Apulia has financed 75 actions of cooperation for development allocated in African countries and in the Mid. East. Following the framework of the National Law n 84/01, Puglia has managed 7 projects on the stabilization, reconstruction and the economic development of involved countries.

Puglia Region has been involved in many international projects which experimented innovative forms of management and environmental resources safety: TWReferenceNet, Eco – Governance, RiverNet, Wetlands I, Integra, . Puglia Region has been a fundamental role to favourite the best practices transfer and to improve the governance processes at national, regional and local level supporting the public institutions in the achievement of the project’s objectives. Two years ago Puglia Region has approved also the Regional Coastal Plan that established a set of rules in order to safeguard the regional costal zones. Moreover Puglia Region reserves a particular interest concerning the protection of the environmental resources: since 2009 it coordinated the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform on environmental risks.

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